Professional direct driven air compressors D series

Simple yet effective

Balma Orion MS20

Pegaso MS25

Lightweight and portable design, makes this series the perfect companion for the professional in need of compressors easy to use and transport. These compressors are equipped with cast iron cylinders to guarantee good resistance to wear and, thanks to their intrinsic strength, high reliability and long life. They have a larger oil sump for better lubrication, strip stainless steel valves for higher output and single phase electric motor with overheating thermal protection and automatic reset.

  • Very powerful, compact, and strong
  • High efficiency and very reliable
  • Can be used with a wide range of accessories and pneumatic tools
Model Code Liters L/Min cfm HP kW rpm Volt/Hz Phases Bar/psi Dimensions Weight
POLAR MS25 1129100359 9F 270 9.53 2.5 1.8 2850 230/50 1 10/145 455x475x500 24 kg
PEGASO MS25 1129100360 20 270 9.53 2.5 1.8 2850
230/50 1 10/145 520x430x790 43 kg
ALTAIR MS30 1129100364 9 310 9.53 3 2.2 2850
230/50 1 10/145 480x510x550 29 kg

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