FELP Silent

Smart noise reduction, powerful performance injection.

Silent excellence

The Balma FELP SILENT has been crafted to silently help you in all activities implying compressed air. The newly designed, one-of-a-kind canopy comes in different versions based on air compressor types, and features a mix of thick metal layer and soundproofing foam. By integrating this case over core air compressor elements Balma gives you the opportunity to work in a silent and comfortable environment.

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Proven manufacturing quality

Balma is pledge of quality and reliability since the beginning of the ‘50s. Its glorious history, dotted with several important achievements, has fostered Balma recognition as a trustworthy partner among professionals from all over the world. Particularly renowned for heavy duty air compressors, Balma is also specialized in air compression systems featuring cast iron components.

Adaptable across all fields of application

The FELP SILENT is your playmaker. Indeed, it is suitable both for industrial applications such as aviation or naval segments and, at the same time, fitting for professional processes carried out within automotive workshops.

Many configurations, one certainty

FELP SILENT series have been designed to match several specific customers’ needs. This is why the product can be chosen as a single base or inclusive of tank (from 27 to 500 lt). In addition, the workstation can include extra components over the incorporated ones such as all-in-one dryer and extra electric fan (from 7.5 HP versions). Regardless of your final choice, low noise and easy serviceability are ensured as core features.

Canopy S0

2 - 3 HP

Balma FELP Silent S0 internal
Integrated vessel 27l.

Canopy S1

3 - 5,5 HP

Balma FELP Silent S1 internal
Base and tank mount, DOL.

Canopy S2

5,5 - 10 HP

Balma FELP Silent S2 internal
Integrated cubicle, dryer, cooling fan, DOL and YD.

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