Modulo M

Ease of use and reliability as standard.

Simple installation and easy to use

  • Plug-and-play
  • Compact design = small footprint
  • Plug-and-play integrated dryer
  • Integrated WSD and post filter as option
  • Easy and fully protected transport
  • No special foundation needed
  • Controller with integrated connectivity (Touchscreen controller option), easy overview of status on your phone

Reliable quality (Gear vs. Belt)

  • Highly reliable gear transmissions, for a quiet and trouble-free operation
  • High capacity oil/air coolers, perfect air filtration and cooling guarantee less thermal shocks and a longer lifetime.
  • High quality and heavy duty motors with IP55 protection class
  • IP54 electrical cubicle
  • Internal and external protection for the electric fan

Easy to service

  • All service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility, you just have to open the frontal door for an easy access for service or cleaning, easy access of the coolers, oil filter, separator and air filter replacements.
  • Oil-level eye at the front
  • Easy and quick check thanks to service door and controller
  • Service and cleaning is a one person job

Increase your productivity and reduce your risk of downtime

  • Fast and simple service. Minimum service required during lifetime, only consumables.
  • No need for belt tensioning thanks to gear driven transmission. Saving on time, reduce risk for errors and belt misalignment and service costs

Saving on your costs

  • 3% savings vs.traditional belt drive transmissions
  • IE3 motors as standard for Fixed Speed and Variable Speed units
  • Variable speed versions (30% savings)

Intuitive day-to-day operation for your business

Balma Modulo M controller 1
  • User friendliness 
    • Simplified display
    • Touch sliders next to the screen (Infologic2 S) or full touch screen (Airlogic2 T) 
    • 2” Infologic2 S or 4” Airlogic2 T display
  • Full control 
    • Protect the machine with sensors, algorithms 
    • Clear overview on machine parameters 
Balma Modulo M controller 2
  • Remote monitoring
  • Visualization service intervals
  • Connectivity through ICONS pre-activated
  • Optional ECO6i
  • ICONS license is pre-activated in the factory
  • Standard license: monthly update and service time

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