Rotary Screw Compressors Brio series

From 2,2 to 15 kW

Your comfort matters. Therefore, BALMA created a small screw compressor with an
extremely low noise level, comparable to your air conditioning system.
Very compact and easy to install, BALMA BRIO compressors offer excellent savings
on installation and piping costs, especially on the compact model with dryer.

Brio Series

Floor and tank mounted

BALMA BRIO compressors are 30% more effi cient than piston compressors and have a longer lifetime due to less vibration and fewer moving parts. The advance monitoring and simple day to day configuration and control for your compressor, combined with the efficient cooling and easy maintenance make the Brio series the best choice for your business

  • Clear pressure and temperature readings and settings directly on the controller
  • Maintenance warnings
  • The coaxial fan provides excellent cooling of all the internal components, better than water cooled systems
  • Long service intervals and external oil level check

Brio.E Series

Dryer versions

Extra compact, cost efficient and easy installation where moisture free air is required. The increased noise reduction makes your working area even more comfortable.

  • Reliable, efficient and robust with┬áThe most advanced technologies in rotor design and oil household
  • The automatic condensate drain discharges only water, no air.
  • This silent process respects your working environment.
  • High temperature and safety thermostat reset

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