Resistent, Solid, Simple and Smart: advanced reliability in compressed air.

Balma filters: your air distribution network has never been so healthy

Every application in compressed air should include one or more filtration stages in order to prevent the saturation of elements, keep your air quality and avoid pressure drops.

Protecting your air distribution with high quality filters ensures a longer lifetime to your entire installation, including downstream dryers, air pipes and pneumatic tools.

Quality air solutions

Save money

  • Great serviceability
  • Ease of use and installation
  • Less potential downtime and longer lifetime of your installation

Improve your air quality

  • Optional pressure drop device (indicator or gauge)
  • Easy cartridge replacement
  • Passe-par-tout for every compressed air technology
  • Easy integration with preset system

Lift up your air quality

  • Optimize your compressed air workflow
  • Refine final product quality
  • Forget oil, dust and other contaminants

Stop gambling on product quality: secure your business! Impurities in the compressed air are common cause of:

  • Deterioration of the final product quality
  • Reduction in the efficiency and life span of the pneumatic devices
  • Damage to the distribution lines increasing potential downtime
  • Considerable increase in maintenance costs
  • Limitations to the reliability of the production process and all its components
  • Reduction of your overall profitability

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